Bag Cleaning Services in Singapore

What do you carry in your favourite leather bag? You can carry anything you want, but there are a few unwanted things in your bag that you may not be aware of. We are talking about unspeakable amount of bacteria, germs, dirt, pathogens, and other adversities that not only harm the appearance of the bag, but also pose a serious health risk for you. It is not necessarily your fault. Whether you use it or not, leather bags are prone to such contamination. Therefore, these bags require proper cleaning on a regular basis.

Due to sensitive nature of genuine leather uses for these high end bags, typical cleaning product and methods are neither suitable nor safe. A little neglect and you can end up destroying your beloved bag forever.

Wilhom boasts a superior bag cleaning technique along with the experience and expertise of the most talented leather cleaning professionals. Using the best cleaning products and equipment, we clean and disinfect outer leather as well as the interior lining of the bag. We ensure complete removal of dirt, stains, and bacteria from each and every corner of your bag. As a result, you will have a beautiful-as-new bag that you can carry with confidence and style.

While we guarantee that your branded bag will look better and smell fresher, we offer a limited time return warranty that helps us maximize value for our customers. So, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Micheal Kors, Wilhom will make sure that your investment is everlasting and ever-so eye catching. Contact us for our bag cleaning services Now!


Wilhom Leather Spa

We treat your luxury items the way they deserve to be treated. At Wilhom Leather Spa, they are pampered and deep cleansed back to their original beauty.

Leather Clean

Dirt accumulated on leather is hard to get rid of. Our team is equipped with the right cleaning product and techniques to ensure squeaky and shiny clean results.

Interior Clean

Cleaning the interior of leather bags is tougher than it sounds. That is exactly what makes it one of our favorite jobs. We make sure the beauty of your bag is restored from the inside out.

Corner/Edging Repair

Both finished and unfinished leather goods can suffer from damaged corners, scuffed leather and exposed piping. We can take the leather back to its original condition. The service is not available for suede or fabric.

Ink Removal

If your leather jacket of handbag is spoiled by an accidental ink spots, you don’t have to fret anymore. We will remove the spot as if it was never there on the first place.

Dye Transfer Removal

It is not unusual for leather goods to transfer dyes from other products stored closed to them. We can help get rid of the unattractive color without damaging the original one.

Colour Touch Up

Minor fading and discoloration of leather items is only natural. Our Color Touch Up service helps you get rid of these minor issued without having to pay for the complete coloring service.

Mould Removal

Moisture and dirt can cause formation of mould in leather bags and wallets if left uncleaned. Cleaning of mould is a tricky process that requires high level of expertise and care.

Mould Removal

If you have abandoned your favourite leather bag due to the unpleasant odour it has developed over time, it is time to pick it back up.

Grease Removal

Grease stains are stubborn and tricky. With great caution and expertise, we remove the grease stains without damaging the color or quality of your leather products.

Metal Polish

Metal work gets dull and tarnished with the passage of time, or due to extensive usage. We can buff them back to looking brand new.

Full Colour Restoration

Your leather products may require a full colour restoration service every few years. We guarantee a service that will make the colour look as good as original.

Colour Change

Fed up of your red leather bag? No need to buy a new one. With our help, you can change it into a black, tan, or any other color you want.

Nano Coating

Nano Coating is the most effective technique to protect your leather products against most common types of stains and spots.

Bespoke Repairs

We believe that every product is unique and so is the repair and cleaning requirement. Therefore, we offer customized solution that will fit your needs.

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