Leather Bag Repair

There are many reasons for investing in a branded leather bag. They are elegantly stylish, and they are highly durable and dependable. Sadly, they are not as invincible as you might have expected. A faulty zipper, a broken button, or worn lining, are only few of the damages that can ruin your bag. However, Wilhom Singapore is a company that brings you hope with our claim that no bag is beyond repair. We are not your average leather good repairmen. We are a team of specialists trained in handling high-end luxury leather bags.

We understand how a small stitch can make a huge difference to the whole product, and that is why we ensure perfection to the core. Our services include repair of broken or torn parts, and also replacement of missing parts such as zippers, buttons, and badges etc.

So, next time you plan on getting rid of your branded bag just because of a missing button or a broken strap, stop for a moment and think of all the money you have invested on the purchase. For a fraction of what you paid for it, we can save your beloved bag. It is an exclusive and comprehensive service, not offered by any other company in Singapore. That is all because, no one understands your love for leather bags like we do. And we want you to cherish your love for as long as you can. Enjoy your luxury as well as great value with our customer-centric service and fair pricing.

Get Your Leather Bag Repaired In 3 Easy Steps


You can contact us via our online contact form or call us to discuss your requirements.


Our team will arrive at your place to assess and collect the item you
wish to be repaired.


Your bag will be delivered back
fresh as new with no sign
of any damage.


A first time experience and I’m impressed by the superb service provided – Sunny is patient to take any questions and shows a genuine interest and concern in each item. I had my bags picked up and delivered exactly at the time I asked for too.

I have used other companies before but none have provided such good sincere service. My vintage bags came back in such good condition – I’m delighted and would definitely use CleanMaster again.

Prices are definitely reasonable and they don’t use harsh chemicals.

Ping Lim

ISunny was very friendly and offered to see me (and my bag) personally so that she can give an accurate quote as well as to ensure that she doesn’t overpromise. It isn’t an expensive bag but a little worn out so she recommended that I do the cleaning service first and if there is a need in the future, I can do the more complete service (which is more costly). She didnt try to sell the more expensive package. I can also see from the way that she talked about the bag and her recommendations that she knows what she is talking about and will do what she can to assist.

When my bag is ready, she offered to send it to me on a Sunday (I later understand from her that Sunday was officially her off day). She is committed to her job and very friendly. If you are on the fence as to whether to engage CleanMaster, at the very least, do give them a message on whatsapp.

LiLian Eu

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