While expensive leather products are luxuries, wallets are not the kind of item you keep in a wardrobe. Regardless of the price tag it comes along with, a leather wallet is something that will endure each every day with you. It houses some of your most valuable assets, and it’s not just money, but also the memories. In time, it is bound to become as precious as the memories, but time also leaves some ugly marks and scars. Pressure, weight, and weather work together to incur damage that might make you think of replacing your wallet with a new one. But are you really willing to throw all these memories away?

We will let you on a secret! Leather can be cleaned back to perfection. Whether it’s just a colour or stain, or a bacteria and mould settled due to moisture, professional leather cleaners know how to remove it from every possible corner. In Singapore, Wilhom prides itself as the foremost leather wallet cleaning service. We utilize the best of skills and expertise as well as the finest tools and technology to ensure complete cleanliness and disinfection without any harm to the quality and colour of the leather.

As a matter of fact, our leather wallet cleaning service includes protective coating that will enhance the life of the product. This means you can keep your beloved wallet close to your heart for years to come. Take advantage of our fair pricing and reliable service by calling our in-house team for an assessment today.



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Had sent my wallet for a basic cleaning as it was really dirty. Surprisingly it came back like a new one except for some permanent scratches which was already there before sending. good job!

Joseline Teoh Ying Ying

Happened to chance upon this page sometime back and decided to give them a try to give 3 of my “old” bags a new lease of life. Sunny is so kind to meet me at my convenient area to pick up the bags and patiently go through the details. I expected to see them after 1 month but to my much surprise, by the second week she called to inform that they’re done! I must say that they have done a great job to resurrecting one of my bags and I will definitely return for their service.

Gina Ang

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